Tuesday, September 29, 2009

address change

In an effort to be a little more "safe" and savy Online...we have changed our blog address if you would like our new blog address please email us at:
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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What About Bob Joke

C and I have had a running joke from the What About Bob movie with Bill Murray for quite a while...Let me help to paint a picture...

Bob is on a sailboat (trying to overcome his fear), and he says something like "I'm a sailor, I sail...I let the boat do the work"...

So Chad and I will say things like "I'm a cook, I cook, I let the stove do the work" or "I'm a runner, I run, I let my feet do the work" (Okay, sometimes we need to get a life...but I promise it is pretty funny!)

So tonight , while Chad is working on putting the hinges on a trunk, he asks for my "help" with deciding where the hinges should go... and I say "I'm a wife, It's what I do, I let my husband do the work"...we both laughed so hard...because it's true, I often do ask Chad to do things and because a lot of times my jokes really aren't that funny...for once I thought on my toes!

He Likes Them!

Please don't let the stunned face fool you...B really did seem to like the green beans. I realized that I added too much water to my first batch, so I added a little bit of rice cereal to bulk them up...hence the light green color on B's face. I hope that this first introduction to non-white food provides us with a glimpse of how well B will do with future foods...

Green Beans

Since B is rounding the corner towards six months...it is finally time to add some "color" to he repertoire...so tonight, he will be trying green beans! I am not quite ready for the mess that solid food will entail...but it is time...

We went grocery shopping over the weekend and purchased some green beans. I steamed the beans and then placed them in the blender with a little bit of water...started the blender and...BAM! I Discovered green pureed beans....YUCK! I did taste them, something that I have vowed to do, and they tasted as they should...like mashed up green beans! I then poured the green "potion" into ice cube trays and placed them in the freezer. We now have green ice cubes waiting to be enjoyed...hopefully C won't accidentally place one B's ice cubes in his water for dinner tonight...though that may be a way to get C to eat more vegetables!

I love the way that B is pursing his lips in this photo with his green beans...it is almost as if he knows how good they will taste! I will be sure to post photos of his reaction to the beans!

B's First Day of School

It is official...summer is "unofficially" over, not because Labor Day has come and gone, but because B has started school!

Last Wednesday, C, B and I enjoyed meeting B's teachers at Meet the Teacher morning. Both C and I were so impressed by his teachers and have total peace about him starting school, in fact, one of his teachers has been teaching at this school for 18 years! We learned all about what a typical "school day" would look like and were sent home with the task of labeling everything that may ever enter the school's doors...I had a "Oh my goodness, I am a mom" moment as I sat in his nursery with my black Sharpee marker...the majority of his belongings now have his intitials written on them!

B's first official day was on Friday...in effort to get both B and I out of the door on time, I set the alarm a little too early...meaning B got some good time in his excersacuer before we left...

When it was finally time to leave, B had some very heavy eyes, as you can see in this photo. School starts right smack dab in the middle of B's morning nap time...I had to snap a photo though...since he wasn't getting on a school bus, I figured it was appropriate for his "first day of school" photo to be taken in the car.

The day was a success! B's teachers said that he did well and that they looked forward to seeing him next week. When we arrived home, we were welcomed with some bright colored balloons. My mom always had balloons, cookies and ice cream waiting for us and all the neighborhood kids at the bus stop on our first days of school...the tradition is continuing...maybe next year B will be able to have some ice cream or cookies?!

B really enjoyed the balloons. C held B up close to the balloons and he batted at them with his hands and smiled and giggled.

I think it is going to be a great year! I am so thankful that the Lord provided B's little school and precious teachers to love and care for him.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

In the past week or so...B has realized that he is gaining control of his fingers...he has started to play with toys, balls, blankets etc. It is so much fun to watch his eyes light up when he sees a toy or holds something that has bright colors and makes noise. He has gotten over his extreme dislike for tummy time and will play on his tummy and has started to be able to sit up (with help). Ella is having to learn that she can show interest in tummy time and B's toys..but cannot take B's toys away from him...a little "sibling jealousy"...tennis balls aren't quite as exciting as baby toys!B loves to be "Super Owen" when his Grandma J comes to play!

How great is this face? Chad captured this the other night while B was playing...I love those precious lips...
This photo makes me laugh...there is some serious work going on! My mom is on the phone, B is on the phone and working at his "laptop", and Ella is making sure that everyone has had a pedicure!
Chad got his guitar out and B was completely enamored with it, he enjoyed laying on his tummy and kicked his little legs while Chad played...What a great way to wake up from a Saturday nap!
We went out for dinner the other night, and B enjoyed sitting in his "Big Kid" chair again...we got smart and attached a toy to the chair for him to play with while we ate. He has started to watch us eat...he gets pretty fascinated with watching food go from a plate to someones mouth...you can just imagine the wheels turning inside of his head...wondering if he might be about to get a bite!

I think B looks so grown up in this photo...it is fun to imagine that he is about to lean over and ask Chad what he might suggest on the menu. I think he is getting a little bored with his rice cereal and ready to try something exciting like carrots!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

This photo is of B sitting at the table with us...B's cousin, Mia, has a "big kid chair" like this and enjoys participating in meals when their family goes out to eat. B is finally old enough, and has enough head and core control to sit in his own chair. Last week, B sat at the table with us and played with a couple of his toys, while we ate lunch. The funniest part of our lunch was not watching B in his chair, but was when Chad picked B up to hold him and B grabbed Chad's glass of Dr. Pepper...consequently, Dr. Pepper spilled all over the table, floor, Chad and Owen. Chad was a really good sport...we learned our lesson that everything on a table needs to be out of Owen's reach!
This photo is in honor of B's Uncle Jeff who is getting ready for his first day of Boat Building School. B hopes that Uncle Jeff has a great first day...B wanted Jeff to know that in life, a shirt is always optional...though he may need to wear one for his first day. (Jeff gave B these overalls as a gift.)
This life size golden retriever stuffed animal was a gift from B's grandparents before he was born. We have understandably named the stuffed dog, Ella, in honor of Ella...and she "sits" at the end of Owen's crib in his nursery. For the first 18 weeks of Owen's life, I took "week" photos of him laying next to "Ella" to capture his growth...taking the photos each week got somewhat tedious...so I have decided to take "month" photos instead. This is our five month photo...he looks so grown up! He is not standing on his own, though the photo looks like it...however, he does love to stand with help. The sandals that he is wearing have some rubber on the bottom of them, he really enjoys standing when he has these shoes on...I think it is because it prevents him from slipping.

B's Gram (my mom) has been in town for a visit...it is such a gift to watch her interact with B and listen to her share how she thinks he has changed since her last visit. I don't notice the changes as much because I have the opportunity to be with him each day. Since B was born, it has been especially difficult to live away from family, ...we are learning how to treasure all the bits of time that we can get. During this visit, my mom has taught me how to quilt in between B's naps. I have really enjoyed learning from her and can't wait to make a quilt on my own!